Success Stories

christinaChristina Gray

Christina Gray is a 2003-2007 scholarship recipient. She graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. She went on to accept a full-time position with the Army Materiel Command (AMC) through a five-year program. During the program, Christina received a master’s degree, traveled to different locations for on-the-job training assignments and received a breadth of formal classroom training. Today, Christina continues to work for AMC as a budget analyst. Christina also enjoys serving her community. She is active with the youth and young adult ministry at her church where she teaches Bible Study, sings in the choir and serves as the chair for the young adult outreach ministry. She is an active member of her sorority where a strong emphasis is placed on community service. Christina also enjoys serving in other capacities, especially those that pertain to youth.

Expressions from Christina:

“Till this day, I am still very appreciative of the scholarship. The scholarship was not only a great monetary help, but it gave me motivation to do my best, knowing that so many people were supporting me. I also appreciated the interaction and follow-ups I received from the Scholarship Foundation staff. I feel very grateful and blessed to be where I am today. I find delight knowing that I too am now able to help others through this scholarship and other charities in the way that so many people helped me along the way.”