Scholarship Criteria

  1. Must be a United States citizen.
  2. Must be a high school senior, graduating in good standing.
  3. Must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 and a score in the 50 percentile on either the ACT or SAT college entrance examination.
  4. Must have exhibited leadership qualities in high school, church or community activities.
  5. Must provide high school principal or counselors report form and at least one letter of recommendation from community leader (e.g. pastor, teacher, etc.).
  6. Must submit a typed essay (250 words maximum) outlining future career goals and briefly state why he/she should be awarded the scholarship.
  7. Must submit a copy of Alabama A&M University’s acceptance letter with application package.

*If a scholarship recipient falls below the minimum grade point average of 3.30, recipient will be informed that he/she is no longer eligible to receive scholarship assistance.